Los Infantes del Castillo DV 16' 2007 UK short extract 1'08"



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Los Infantes del Castillo





Los Infantes del Castillo DV 16' 2007 London.
Short Film, 16 min.
P: mmmmmfilms
D: Montenegro, Fisher, Olivares, Luck. London, UK

Los Infantes del Castillo is set in Elephant and Castle, South London. It explores myth and culture within the traditional local and recent immigration of Latin American communities. Through a dinner ritual the artists create a hybrid performance that investigates ideas of consumption and desire. The name 'Elephant and Castle' mythically derives from a former local childrens orphanage run by a religious French Castillian Order. The orphans were known as 'Les Enfants du Castille' which through phonetic langauge became, Elephant and Castle.

Appearances: Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro, Felipe Luck.
Camera & editing: Ginés Olivares
Sound: Adrian Fisher
Collaborators: zeta-oral & donfeli.
Thanks: Bones Theatre.