the humming loom of time

multispecies offline

love in the time of gentrification

some recollections of mortality

l'after economie

the weight of things

as the crow flies


Los Infantes del Castillo





2018 the humming loom of time
Feature film, 67 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms. Germany, UK, Chile.

2017 multispecies offline
Short film, 5 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms. Berlin, Germany.

2018 International Video Poetry Festival Athens.

2017 mochi-LA, Minneapolis, USA. project space by The Third Rail & DISONARE Minneapolis, US.

2017 love in the time of gentrification
Short film, 33 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms. London. UK

2012 Some recollections of mortality
Short film, 8 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms.Birmingham, UK
Selected for 'The best films of ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival' 2012, Berlin,
Germany. Honourable mention DOCtorCLIP Film Festival, Rome, Italy. Rencontres Internationales de l’art vidéo, Poezijos Festivalis TARP SHORT WAVES. Polish Short Film Festival, POETRY 2013 Münster, Germany, TriQuarterly.org, Beton 7 Contemporary Art Centre, Athens, Greece. International Video Poetry Festival Athens2018.

2011 L'after Èconomie
Video installation, 16 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms, Bains Connective. Brussel, Belguim
Group Exhibition. Plankton #39 Bondgenotenstraat 54 rue des Allies, 1190,

2010 il peso delle cose / the weight of things
Short film, 29 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms, Rifrazioni. Nettuno, Italy
Solo Exhibition Kotti Gallery, Kottbusser Tor, Berlin, Germany.
Rifrazioni Festival, La Divina Providencia, Nettuno, Italy.

2010 as the crow flies
Short film, 4 min. 22 secs. D&P: mmmmmfilms, Rifrazioni
Vocal Vertebra Festival, Goldsmiths University, London, UK. CoEvolution and
Complementarity: Encounters between Transmedia and Multispecies.
Exhibition, Berlin, Germany. IMERGENCIA Art Festival, Lisboa, Portugal.

2009 Aurora
Video Art, 3 min. 23 secs. D&P: mmmmmfilms. London, UK
Celia Brunson Projects, Art Gallery, London, UK.

2007 Los Infantes del castillo
Short film, 16 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms with Felipe Luck. London, UK
BAC! FESTIVAL, Festival Internacional D'Art Contemporani Centre De
Cultura, Contemporanea De Barcelona CCCB, Montalegre 5, 08001 Barcelona,
Cultural Oi Futuro, RÌo de Janeiro, BRASIL

2003 Gift
Short film, 8 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms. Berlin, Germany.
Biennial de Performance DEFORMES The First Latin American Performance
Art Biennale, Santiago, Chile.

2003 OSH
Short Film, 18 min. D&P: mmmmmfilms. London Biennale Pollinations, Berlin,
Germany. Chile Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile.