mmmmm films
mmmmm films are the result of an ongoing collaboration between Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro and documentary film maker Gines Olivares. Since 2003 they have been making art films that have been shown in Festivals, Biennials and Galleries in Europe and Latin America.

2017 the humming loom of time. Feature Film, 67 min. P: mmmmmfilms. Germany, UK, Chile.

Directed by mmmmmfilms Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro, Ginès Olivares.

Taking its name from a line in 'The Golden Bough' by James Frazer 1922 abridged, the film weaves threads of migration, alchemy and folklore through elementary particles, in documentary, action and performance. An investigation into sites where Alchemists lived, worked or died looking for contemporary resonances within those localities. A psychogeographic process of encountering images, sounds and people celebrating serendipitous encounters. The soundtrack attempts to bleed a digital presence into these liquid landscapes touching nature and disappearing.

Technical Details

Picture Format Color + B/W, Aspect Ratio 1.78 "16x9 VIDEO, Shooting Format HDV, Exhibition Format .MOV Quicktime, BLUERAY, DCP
Film Catagory Experimental / Poetry / Visual Essay. Production Location United Kingdom, Germany
Filming Location United Kingdom, Germany, Chile. Main Dialogue Language English

image Yvonne Salzmann
2017 multispecies offline. Short Film, 5 min. HD P: mmmmmfilms. Berlin, Germany
A you-tuber portal quickly transforms into a search for meaning through fictional and missing characters lost in different epochs of cinema trying to find an intra-species communality, a sense of the locality.
Exploring different modalities of social media, theatre, film noir, photography and overlay 'multispecies offline' is a film that considers our relations with the human and the non-human.
available subtitles: Spanish, Catalan, Greek.
2017 love in the time of gentrification. Short film, 33 min. DV & HD (upscaled). P: mmmmmfilms. London.
In 2002 the infamous bobs cabaret was a weekly through the night event in Area 10, Whittens Saw Mill, Peckham. This recently found archival material has been edited down from 22 hours to 33 minutes. It shows the ethos of the cabaret, no limits, unpredictable and experiencial chaos. Poets, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, Mexican Shamans, Russian Clowns, collective experience in a time where there was space.
some recollections of mortality (HD Video 8') 2012. Film details
l'after economie (HD Video 15') 2011 Short Extract 1'
il peso delle cose / the weight of things (HD Video 29') 2010 Short Extract 1'17"

as the crow flies 4'22" (HD video) 2010 short extract 51"

aurora 3'24" (HD video) 2009 short extract 27"

Los Infantes del Castillo 16' (DV) 2007 short extract 1'08"

Osh 18' (DV) 2003 short edit 50'
Hop Ke Kep 5' (DV) 2002 extract of edit from live performance 40"
Gift 8 mins (DV) 2003 edit from live performance 8'